The year is 2005. I started my very first job at a company called Supa Sign in Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa. Later that year Ceres Fruit Growers came into the store and asked us to design them a logo that will be on the bottles that will be sold in South Africa and also exported overseas. It must be a tree with fruits. I made 2 rough sketches on paper and the client said: "Thats it. Go with that!" I scanned in the sketch, traced it in Corel Draw 9 and refined it in Illustrator later on. Back then I had limited knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, but wanted to learn it as I love Photoshop and they both belong to the same company.

They brought me some labels and how the logo will look like on the bottles. When I left Supa Sign at the end of 2005 I wanted to have the labels for my portfolio, but as Supa Sign said its company property I can not have it otherwise I would have loved to include it on this post.

This logo were used between 2005 and 2017 when it was replaced with a different logo. I am still very proud of this logo as it were one of my 1st big things in my Graphic Design career.

(NOTE: I also have this uploaded on Dribbble at You may contact me there if you wish to find out if I am the rightful owner of this design.)

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